3 Women on Me

This evening 3 women wear pouring flirtations on me, I was standing waiting for Kekenap and I stopped one, the lady at right says’

‘Fine boy, how are you’?

The kekenap is going to my house, are you coming, I nodded and quickly jump him

Cute guy Why are you silent?

I responded to her I was tired that’s why..

She ask which work..one quickly said a banker..
I think because I was on white long sleeves and black, standing close to a bank

They were matured women and possible with a kid or two.
I was really defenseless and became shy.

The Keke guy was hitting me to respond positive

I wish I could get a second chance to take control guys, I have to admit; I was disappointed in myself
It was my first time in such situation

And they were matured, I really don’t know if I was harassed or not.
She was even calling me my love and speak in dialect (Hausa) about exchanging phone number.

her expressions were commanding feelings in me

on my way home I have to admit I was shy and didn’t act well..

Poor Me