Being in a Long Distance Relationship

We all know that long distance relationships can mean lonely nights and talking via phone when you’d much rather be talking face to face over the dinner table.

But here is something you may not have known: Being in a long distance relationship—at least for a season—can actually be good for you.

When you’re in a long distance relationship you have nothing to build your relationship upon but words. This can force you to learn to communicate better. It can build communication skills and habits that will benefit your relationship for years to come. Being in a long distance relationship can allow you to invest in work and other passions more fully, and to grow in self-sufficiency.

Spending some time apart can grant you a fresh perspective on your most important relationships, and help you more fully appreciate the times you do spend together with your partner.

That’s all grand, but it doesn’t negate the fact that long distance relationships are hard work.

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