In A Woman’s Arms

They say Disney world is the happiest place on earth! Obviously they haven’t been in your arms.
You’re A Lover with a Mezzo Soprano voice, with Ballant -Natured Face, you are so fanciable absolutely endless in motion you are always mickey in the Game, nothing can devour our Tryst.
Voices says am a Killer Joy, Indeed I am in love with you, am willing to not Sale under False colours.
You told me am so Electrifying despite My Destitution
Man is absolutely Vulnerable to the Vulgarity of every voluptuous body which he gaze,
Women Makes boys to be Voluminous to their beauty and Lifestyle. Both of Them are so unsophisticated about the Techniques to satisfy their rapture Desire.

You are a person of Obtainable Desires at verge of emotions expressed, a brain cause my putting of pen to paper.

Silage render Soilage, Hay equates Straw
Could This be Applicable to my feels?
As The New Year Approach let me be your First foot, My feelings has been existing in embryo. I have been intrigue by your Superfluous Look, reasons quite Pragmatic.

The Flicker of interest in us has grown wild, unable to devour it, Funny how Love can be. This Flinty attitude towards me has been so scurrilous!

I’m Tired of been Rigorous
I won’t repudiated my Fate despite the excruciating pains..
My Love, On Earth Someone is a Butterfinger
You are My Butterfinger.

As the Future comes
I have been rejected 500 times
Please don’t Cast my heart Away like Wild heart,
Don’t Play Wicked Games with it
I can’t Envisage When you are Mine
Be My Fortress Like Anfield
Be My Wizard like Hazard
I believe you are The Gardner’s Daughter
Bring the me on Sunset Beach..

I Love You

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