Why Sexual Pleasures can be absent in a Relationship or Marriage

Every Man or woman is romantic in his or her own way, but some may not possess this gift.

The world has different religious views and belief on Kissing and romance. Depending on your belief; some Humans on earth are not religious but psychosocial, believe in 1+1, Some are hard core.

So I believe we can never be perfect, because we have feelings. Kissing, romance and cuddling is a way of showing affections (An expression of our inner most mind).

Everyone definitely crave for sexual pleasures in their respective love life even Animals does And when this part of your marriage or relationship is absent or failing, the heart suffers leading to Cheating, breakup or divorce.

I have been in this circle of relationship years ago no Pleasures, I have desires that needs to be filled yet I can only envisioned it. My Lips can only confess what my body wants. I became frustrated yet I was holding on due to my Love for my Partner, One element is that I was a Juvenile ( a Minor) then. I had no privacy and visiting my Partner often makes me loose self respect.

Despite being adults We encounter this too.

All My Dates offer are always turn down by flimsy excuses, Yes I know my partner is not the Public type; I am frustrated yet I am in a relationship.

Yes, ‘No sex before marriage’ maybe tolerable but not everyone can put this off.

In Summary, When we love our partner genuinely as we profess We shouldn’t force our Partner to go against their Beliefs, we can choose to walk the part with them or walk away. There is always someone out there for us.

There is always someone out there for us.