Reason a Relationship will Fail

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Intimacy is built every day through kindness, tenderness, affection, and quality time.

There are things we can not hide like your smile,laughter, even dismay but shared experiences are a key ingredient in a relationship. Plan a run, a home project, or dance lessons together. This add more quality to a relationship, Trust and confidence are also built.

Imagine being in a devastating state or fretful, the thought about how a special someone makes us unique just feel good and renders a bit of relaxation and hope for a better day.

Some relationship fails because of insufficient amount of intimacy, if you have been or on a long term relationship if both partner are not ready to get intimate; they are not far from Crashing.

Love is Present but intimacy seal it. We can get intimate with anyone but Love is what Identifies

So the both go hand in hand..People in

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