Quotes to keep with your Girl

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*Everyone has a natural scent. It’s really important in love and sex. So you don’t cover up your natural, clean body odour. Your partner will like it!

*Use flattery. -never comment on things that would make her feel uncomfortable.

*Trust her. Trust your girlfriend and give her reason to trust you.

*be nice to her. Girls don’t care about a man’s looks as much as you might think Be confident! Nobody wants a guy who acts unsure of himself. But don’t become so full of yourself that you come across as cocky or stuck up.

*Be sweet. On Valentine’s day, get her a little teeny gift or a card or something. Don’t worry, she won’t embarrass you if she doesn’t like you back.

*If the person you like doesn’t respond, give them space. Their feelings for you could grow.

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