Genetic Sexual Attraction

Yesterday I was intertwined With My Long Great-Grand Sister -Crush on a call, I felt warm, she was so comforting. we miss each other so much! Her tone and words were so sensual, she couldn’t withheld the burning desire only to be express in her tone. I laid on my bed and feel like it shouldn’t end. She is more than 1000km away.

This feeling we had is our little Secret, the first time we meet was 2013 on a festive holiday. I never knew we have the same root.

Since this reality, we have cut off our affectionate feelings, sail it away forever; but man shall not leave by bread a alone. We still harbour such feelings only choose to ignore it.

We see each other post on social media I fight my devils not to comment outside the box; I believe she feel same on my Wall. Deeply our hearts converse a lots and full of emotions.

During my inner most time I ask my self

Should I tell her I love her?, I know the feeling is wrong but we become intimate before we knew this reality and I feel we are going to die with.

Why should I feel this way about her?

I want the both of us to be free