Some Thoughts on Erection for Men


*🌿💫Erection is a state of arousal of sexual desires in a man in preparation for sexual exploit*.

*🌿💫Having an erection is natural but obeying the dictates of your erection is a choice*.

*🌿💫For every erection, there’s a responsibility. Wise men have control over their erection but foolish men obey their erections.😰*

*🌿💫Any erection not properly controlled is capable of leading one to early grave☠*.

*🌿💫Unsolicited erection is no respecter of persons*.

*🌿💫Anointing, Mantles, Righteousness, Godliness, Strength, Age, etc has no power over erection, only self-control and self discipline can curb an erection.😊*

*🌿💫Many became useless fathers because they didn’t control their erections*.

*🌿💫👮‍♂Some are in prison because they followed the dictates of their stupid erection*.

*🌿💫Others have lost great opportunities in life because their erection pushed them*.

*🌿💫🛌Most men are bed-ridden at the altar of uncontrollable erection*.

*🌿💫The stupidity of erection is that most times it isn’t selective*.

*🌿💫��Unchecked erection has led great kings to be at the bed of their slaves and house maids*.

*🌿💫Stupid erection has led most men to having sex with their blood sisters, their own mothers, house maids, in laws, strangers, etc👺*.

*🌿💫Erection has not left the clergy out of the drama as many have been found messing up with those they ought to be Shepherd over. What a stupid erection*!

*🌿💫💪A strong man is not measured by the level of his physical muscle or by the number of nations he has conquered but by his ability to control his erection*.

*🌿💫 No man in history could be said to be more powerful than Samson yet his erection made him the weakest in history, his erection made him fall at the lap of a woman*.

*🌿💫 David killed Goliath and conquered many great nations but he couldn’t conquer his erection, he became weak at the sight of Bathsheba, the wife of his servant*.

*🌿💫Reuben ruined his future and generation after him because of his uncontrollable erection*.

*🌿💫Don’t let your erection destroy your destiny*!

*🌿💫Your erection is a sign you are a real man but following it to everywhere it leads you is a sign of weakness😒*.

*🌿💫Any man who cannot control his erection can’t control his life*.

*🌿💫😊😘The only time your erection cannot mislead you is when you use it within the confines of your marriage*.

*🌿💫Stop following your erection, u are not a goat, but human.

*Unto Him who is able to keep u from falling i commit each and everyone*
*of u we shall all finish well and finish strong*.

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