From The Military Ladies to Men

Men and Guys Please Listen!!!

When a woman is deeply in love with you, All she want is your Attention and Time. Every woman knows when you are giving Her a maximum Attention and when the Attention Drops by Inches,she will know something is wrong.

Women do not want money as much as they want the Attention of the Man they love
(I mean a woman that is truly in love with you) Believe me when a lady is deep into you she needs your Time,she will have stories to tell you about how Her day went, If She is a Military Lady sometimes Boring stories, sometimes things that do not Tickle your interest but you just have to Listen. You just have to Smile along with the rubbish you think she is saying.

Show her that you care about her by listening to her especially when she is talking too much. She is no longer that tough lady you used to know when you were wooing Her.

Now that she is in love with you, she will likely act like a Child, always saying something. You just have to be Soft and always Listen even when you are tired. Sometimes it will be Annoying and very Boring but you have to be Mature and Act like a Father not just a lover; There will be more Issues in your Relationship if you Lessen your Attention to your for a Lady.

The attention lubricates the relationship, it makes Her Feel she is yours, but when you are Too busy with your life and other Issues and you do not have time to even to listen to Her. No matter the Money you give her, sure thing is that she will collect the money but Deep in her, she knows you are Far from her and she will feel Unfulfilled.

Please guys, when a woman Loves you She Needs your Time
Your Listening Ears

Military Ladies – Nigeria