I was Unlucky with my Soul Mate

A True Life Story

There is a Girl I meet during my final Days of Diploma, at the main Campus, we came for medicals, I spotted an old friend whose a colleague sitting back my right..I called her name greeted her, after my usually gesture she still couldn’t recognised me.

She pleaded I should introduce my self, I told her I won’t that she can’t recognise me, her small boss after 4 years, finally I had to because I was happy to meet her again in the same school.

A Charming girl interrupted says ‘ it seems you two knows each other very well, I replied yes we were colleagues before..that moment I look at her my heart had a resilient beat, I was blown away. She was so good looking that I couldn’t let me self down, she seems interested in the conversation I had to be confident in holding her gaze it wasn’t easy and she also was confident with a smile.

After the medicals I couldn’t let her walk away without getting her phone number. She was nice and I text her saying ‘it me we meet at medicals nice to meet you’ her phone is at home I had to do that to avoid introduction when next I call, I don’t really like that. 3 days later I sent a warm message, and I called the next day she apologized she couldn’t reply. I said no problem. I also called to remind her to come early to get the medical certificate because it Friday the next day..deep inside me I was trying to get the chance to see her again what a beauty she has..

I and my friends went early, after getting the certificate, walking to the exit/entrance we saw her and my old colleague just coming I feel my heart beat resilient again..this take like 2-3 seconds to happen. We greeted this time I focused on her friend, I was trying to recover from the loss of heart beat..I then turn my face to her and say her name, how are you doing? She Replied am fine and you? After few words between the 5 of us..we bade goodbye.

They went inside and we went to our Motorbike.. I couldn’t withstand the curiosity to look back at them. I caught her gaze at us , distance was almost 25 meters..the look lasted for 4-5 seconds. I told my friends she starring at us, they both said your charming her already.. We ride back home.

She is behind my WhatsApp status for a while now..
It was love at first sight for me. But I later discovered she has a boyfriend and they are cool.. I can stake anything that I am 100% in love with her but I have decided not to tell her my feelings because i know it will make her jeopardize her relationship and I don’t want to be the second guy..

I really love her and want her to be happy. so i slowed my chat rate to 1:1 no phone call.. It been 3 months now I already archive our chat.. But sometimes when she Flashes my thoughts, I smile,admire her photo…and hope I find another love like her some day……I really do…..💓love her.

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