Why a Lady Shy away When looking at a Man’s eyes

Men releases a hormones called testosterone which makes ladies desirous, this is the attraction stage,.

When a lady is harbouring romantic feelings for you, looking at them for long the feel naked, which makes them shy away and can’t hold your gaze, it happens a times to men but our Masculinity eludes that for us.

When a woman is overwhelmed by you and haven’t shared her feelings for you, looking at your eyes for long seems hard and may commits blunder; so eyebrows down is her defensive mechanism at that moment

This chemical signals is released to attract our Opposite sex, its our Masculinity whenever we are with them, gestures, deep voices,body physique etc.

If you are very attentive our mood, voice change whenever we are with the opposite sex even if you don’t have any emotions for them. If a woman give much thoughts to you she will perceive this testosterone in our body, sometimes it just happen to then unconsciously Women are highly receptive than men

Men who do regular workouts are more attractive to women. Men with abdominal fat have lower testosterone which means lower fertility and lower sex drive.

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