Feelings of a Woman

It is a good feeling to be with a Man, a Man that freeze your soul and neutralize every unbalance in your blood stream.

A Woman create chance for who She care for, if you happen to be on her top list. You really have strong thing on her; never be Sarcastic and be honest with her and will only argue with someone she truly cares for,Arguing less occurs when she’s less interested.

You will get random Compliments from her while it isn’t necessary. You can win her in different ways, you just have to be tender with her and she be ported in the Comfort zone each times a thought of you flashes her mind.

A woman can have Romantic Feelings for you yet be repulsive or Concealing, you just have to be patient and you’ll get her in the right weather.

Women often find themselves more attracted to someone with the ability to make them laugh,pay attention, someone who remembers details about them without having to be reminded.

Yes this is True, as time passes she becomes and label you a Comfort Zone and may even develop stronger emotions.

Some Psychological Facts

Women with higher IQs have a harder time in finding a mate.

While women have smaller brain than men, women use their brain more efficiently.

Men tend to fall in love after just 3 days, but women don’t fall in love until Date 13 onwards.

More Expository about a Woman

Treats a Woman Right today

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