Love and Intimacy

Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or Something especially a member of a family,friend, animal or Something like cars,shoes, house, clothes or even An Abstract.

Love is Kind,Caring,Simple,Patient. Love rejoice with the Truth, Love never Fails. I can go on a thousands time to Tell what love is and Infinity to bring to us what Love is.

Love is not Discriminatory,does not delight evil, it does not induce selfishness or being self centred. It does not keep records of wrong rather Forgives, hopes and Persevere.

Love has Two categories; as humans it is either the feeling for a Member of a Family,Relatives which is usually referred to the ‘Agape Love‘. The other feeling of love felt by Humans and Animals is the ‘Romantic Love‘. This is a Mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy,happiness and Idealization of ones partner. It is a Sexual attraction toward someone.

Intimacy is a psychosocial stage, it refers to emotional closeness between partners, it is generally believe that in other to have intimacy in a marriage it is a prerequisite to be in love with ones partner. In other words it is the state of having a close personal relationship with somebody.

We all once feel Intimate with someone in our present or past lives couples or not, you might not be in a relationship with that person but you can’t deny this fact that you haven’t experience this state before or soon will.

This is an introductory to Love and Intimacy. For More. Next post i will be dive in to it. Thanks follow and stay close.

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