Love is Expensive

If you have thought or believe love is cheap then I’m on a route to prove your right or wrong. Love entails affection and positive affirmation. Love don’t a cost a thing as we do hear, but it does. There are no free meals forever.

Love starts and grows like a bean; it simple just buried seeds, water it and give a day or two for germination but as it grows from a leaf-stem-and bear Seeds so does love.

Love can start from any angle ,time, unimaginable but just like plants needs regular watering(affection), manure and weeding etc.

It is easy to develop affections but its complexity is the control, management and Positive affirmations whether you display it or not, consent it or not: that is where love don’t cost a thing theory is believe and agreed.

Love is not only emotional its also a physical thing. Someone might love or be in love with you and beats all odds to seal it from you, though not. 100% but you may never know.

Couple and Lovers do have to display their affections for each other often, and they are many ways to do so.

Emotional and Physical

Emotional and physical expressions compliments each other, there is no way you’ll have emotions and not show it one way or the other to your significant other Physically.

Sensual words are abstract but brings about imaginations of it’s meaning example

I Love you’, ‘I miss you’

This sends message to the other how you feel about him or her and wanting to fuel the fire. The other person perceived this (your wants and Desires) to hold, hug, touch or even kiss. You become overwhelmed by their consent before Jack Robinson you might locked together.

Love don’t cost a Thing?

As humans we all have ego, ego tries to balance our right and wrong, we possess pride too. Letting your guards down is casting a way pride or ego in this case for love.

Newton 3rd Law of Motion says

‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,

so those egos and pride in all ramifications it will always bounce back from the wall which may be positive or negative. This also goes a long way seeing reasons discretion in a situation be determined. Now does this cost a thing?

Dating and Relationship

Dating and relationship are quiet expensive in some terms like affection and Money; easy to have but complex to manage.

This days relationship and dating has taken a new turn. Money now plays a major part in our love life. Some can’t dates without a stable financial capacity, while some do even without a penny, however monetary demands is not negligible. It is a reminder.

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