Women’s Love Languages – Words of Affirmation

Women love to hear good words. Regardless of whether you are sincere about what you are saying or not, it make them feel cool. For this reason, if you want to have your woman on your hand, you have to keep saying good things about her.

This will make her committed to doing things that will impress you, so that you will compliment her. You need not to tell her what you want, once she understands that you like it, she will do it right away. There are some dialects under this language such as:

Admiring her beauty

Women generally love to hear their husbands admiring their beauty. Not their husbands alone, anybody that will be telling them how beautiful they are, can captivate them. Hence, my advice to men is to keep this as a habit otherwise, they will be losing their wives to other men.

Any time your wife dress, tell her good things about it. You can tell her that she is the most beautiful woman on the earth, that she is the coolness of your eyes etc. My friend, she will always be very cautious not to wrong you in any way. She will be hoping to be with you forever.

Words of compliment

In any society, women take over most of the house works-cooking, washing the plates, doing the laundry (in some cases), sweeping the compound, bathing the babies, helping the children to do their assignments etc.

It is necessary for a man to develop the habit praising his wife for all these. You have to show her that without her, the house will be greatly disturbed. Praise her for every single good thing she does and excuse her for her mistakes.

Words of romance

The most important thing in the life of any woman in her relationship with a man is LOVE. For a woman to be loved, she can sacrifice all for her husband. All she need is love. But how do you express love to your wife? Many men think that love is providing their women with what to eat, drink and dress, but actually, that is not enough.

You have to tell her how much you love her. You have to sing love songs to her. You can use your intellect to create some beautiful poems for her, which are full of words of praise and romance.

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