Ecstasy Scene in my Dreams

When Someone is looking at you owlishly, or may have crossed path with; there may be a spark for something, your mind become subconscious and Psychologically aware. Thoughts flashes in the mind. It your subconscious telling you they might be around or just a thoughts. This often happens when someone is deemed to be attractive

It just like this, The Pupil becomes Dilated, one minds becomes Hotspot and other device connected and much more.

Are Dreams Real?

A Dream is a imaginative reflection of reality, its a Subconscious thing, it tends to become Physical When further efforts are put to replicate it.

I was in dreamland yesterday, full of thoughts about my Crush since March 1, I wrote a post about her Titled Best March 1 ever, and Ecstasy Scene in my dreams from there you will get the full gist about her.

In essence what am I saying, over a month I have no vivid awareness about her, but a stretched of solemnity make me had the dream.

Whatever you are serious or conscious about there is a high tendency that the result may be synchronous in reality.

I want to believe she thinks about me too.

In my dream she was so comfy around me, she spent a quite moments with me. During the cause of this, she was fidgeting all over amazed I became. In reality she’s not the type that open up herself, speaks only when she is spoken too but Mind blowing; Not social able but She is full of elegance.

Her tone differs from reality, we are always caring with our words, her blue eyes were bright just like Scarlett Johansson. She really clamp a smile at my heart. Her touches sends Sugar down my spine.

Whats on the other Side?

I have known her nearly 2 years now, a Junior in Land Surveying Department. My feelings Solidify at the first sight of her, but I haven’t got the guts to come plain to say my feelings for her; am having fear of rejection and loosing a friendship with a beautiful Lady is what I can’t bear.

She may or may not harbour feelings for me, but the Looks she gave makes me feel like am Naked. How can I put myself to tell her how I feel?. We chats on WhatsApp once in a blue moon, each time I am humbled My Affections Are hungry.

Does she have a Boyfriend, a Fiancée? I don’t know. I couldn’t stay on that lane to ask her although I once ask on chat

‘When are you getting Married’?

She replied soon, but how soon weeks, months or a year I was too dumb and repulsive to ask.

I maybe in love with her, but I have a pride or ego I can’t let guard down, not yet till she becomes Mine. I don’t want to be on her rejected list; I am good looking too so i deserve better This are compliments I get from my male and female friends.


In Physical life I Questioned myself,

Will I ever Consent my feelings to her?

-I don’t know or I should rather protect the friendship

Do you really like her?

Heaven knows I am deeply in love with her

What are you afraid of?

-She is rich, Fear of rejection and loosing the friendship.

How often do you communicate?

-rarely, in a month 5 times.

Are you ready for a relationship?

-I wasn’t ready till I saw her.

Why not give a try with her?

– its cut deep when a Beautiful Lady turns you down.

What questions you wish She ask you?

-Do I interest you?, are you interested in me?.

Harbouring this Affections is difficult for me, I wish you never Crossed my path.

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