Messaging Her – Seduction Techniques


Once you manage to get her number, you have a window, nevertheless you have a very little time.

One has to write correctly, the SMS language must dropped. Tease her from time to time. However don’t use too much irony, sometimes it hard to get by SMS.

When Sending a Message that could be interpreted in a wrong way use Smiley’s :), 😉

Use funny names: Chica, Princess, Pretty lady, Madame, My Dear…..

Adapt yourself to her Style, if she uses some LOL, use them as Well

Not to do

Do not write too long messages, especially if she write Short ones

Don’t talk dirty its a little bit annoying sometimes

Don’t complain too much about your work, health…. Sometimes it good, often it not that good.

Don’t tell her she is pretty in every message.

Don’t harass her with messages. Show her you got a social life.

Don’t often give her rendezvous by SMS, its better to call her for that.

Don’t impress her by SMS, tell her your stories face to face, or via a phone call, way better.

Keep in touch Regularly, if she doesn’t have any news of you during a certain period shell simply forget you.

Send her a bunch of SMS per week, but know how to vary the frequency. Sometimes often, sometimes less often.

Make her wait before replying as much as she made you wait.

Try from time to time to, not often, not to answer some of her messages; the less interesting ones, or if it late at night already

Try to answer indirectly from time to time


Her: you really Cute!

You: Thanks, I might find you cute, who knows! 🙂

Her: Am sure you can’t wait to see me

You: Ahaha maybe