Love grows anywhere

Love grows anywhere

Love grows to a furious stage of emotions, it engulf you slowly like a Venom, just like a job interview; people might start on wrong foot, ending up getting along famously. I said earlier it takes just a spark to ignite affection between two people irrespective of sexuality; someone might be one of kind, rough, smooth or mess.

Why Affection

We are humans but we don’t hate our fellows but the attitude, has someone ever consent to you that the only dislike or disgusting is your attitude. Time is an unmeasurable value, once it is lost it cannot be recovered but only compensated spending time with someone makes us to know them more even among animal and sworn enemy but I don’t mean the lion and lamb but in a relatable perspective.

God creates us in his own image, so from this fact we can say we fall in love with God creatures.

The more we spend, share moments together they become propitious once look around you, and relate experience with this.

Interracial Relationship

Sometimes while in thoughts with my soul, am desirous of interracial affection. The thing we view on screen are not just, or acting but draw from actual events.

Racism is originated from evil in mans mind and ignorance of our beliefs. Google the globe there are 7 continents of different race the Negro Mongoloid,Caucasian, Asian……

There are relationship and marriage across them, so the cancer of racism is a zero metre. Easy examples are our beloved celebrities who date and end up marrying each other of different race irrespective of the Stereotypical issues that is love there.

My point is Love grows and can be found anywhere as long as we are on mother earth. I admire interracial love a lots. The chemistry between them is mind blowing ; their Union eliminates the headache of colour and evolution, right now I am in love with an Asian Lady and the feelings I get is equivalent to travelling to space, standing on the moon. The thought of her drives happiness in me, her enchanted smile ooh! I love it so does she too.

Love shouldn’t be underestimated in any circumstances it grows is like a plant, scattered like seeds where it is not intended but geminates.

That is how Love is

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  1. Very well put! I agree. All true love is special to me because most don’t know how to handle true love if it’s within their grasp.
    We all bleed red underneath and Jesus bled red on the cross. Enough said!

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    💋 She’s SEXY AS FUCK


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