Long Leg and Toes (Foot Fetish)

I have realised foot fashion always accentuate a woman’s beauty, and no matter your outfit, just a touch of manicures or pedicures will make you wholey outstanding.

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What are the finest thing you can say about Toes of a woman? They are spice bit of elegance in a woman. 70% of Women do fine tune their feet/toes I mean pedicure. It so cool that its accentuate with their outfit, lip gloss. Staring at it for a long time up rise sexual imaginations. In as much as people characterized a woman’s endowment. Her Leg and Toes can not be exclusive.

Leg and toes are some of the Visible part of a woman, so when Fashion and designs helps us to see these parts as eye catching; starting with high heels which help add to their height, for the Short women but unarguably enhance a woman’s backside.

Have you ever asked yourself why Tall Ladies do where heels to add up height? The legs are straightened so does the backside and Hips, it become balance and voluptuous

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