A Huge Backside at the ATM Walk way

Her light complexion is out of this world, we kind of created an Ecstasy of romance. I was behind her and she keep leaning backwards to get in touch with me., though her words were few but her lips were red..

She couldn’t resist my gaze, from her posture and her fidgeting tells me she is a cool chick..

I couldn’t resist her hotness I shrugged and touch her back side; in pretence she stood firm, dead to the world. Am a bit younger than her, but we look perfect. Lots of thoughts as I envisioned this huge backside.

Whose the man that enjoy this endowment even without consenting?

Is she Married, has she laid before?, with whom?.

Ooh goosh am lost for a Burton. Dam! I can spend a fortune for this.

This are my thoughts while She walkaway!


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