In love with a Pen Friend

Someone gave me a moments of a lifetime I will never forget, I have never seen her elegant ballant face, her aquiline nose and redundant smile. She is a definition of a ‘soulmate‘.

We meet on Airtel Open-Chat of almost a decade ago. Communicating became our daily routine, we close the night only when our eyes are heavy. I became her network boyfriend and she became my network Girlfriend;

Her username was Princess003, I can’t clearly remember how old but she was Sweet Sixteen 16 and still is. Princess003 Lives in Eastern part of Nigeria and I reside in the North. We were so enthusiastic about chatting with someone you’ve never meet or seen before, to keep a history I uploaded her 2go Dp Display picture to my gmail. I really have a big heart for her.

Does days of 2go Messenger were full of fun. During the period I cross path with Princess003, I was a bartender in a nearby quest house. The lonely nights shifts she was my comfort; sometimes her messages were unread, she would call to know the reason and fret about it.

Dreams existed in an embryo for her. We both envisioned it together. I met her 2 years later after she was bereaved, her mom absence is a deep hole in her hearts. During our conversation she will break down and our hearts drop simultaneously. I am Vulnerable whenever she is.

I was so engulf in the moments of affection, we knew no one is cat fishing the other, so Trust wasn’t an issue. We send flirtatious messages, we fell in love. ‘She was the girl of my dreams’

Imagine that, someone I have never met before. I promise to visit her someday when I become of age, but will 10 years be the same 10 years after?

There is a bitter part of my story I don’t want to talk about, I’ll just summarize it. Due to the grave affections I have for her I archive her Text Messages, it has been with me since day One till now.

Just like physical intimate relationship would get to some bumps up, so does online Dating. I was heading home one afternoon. My phone vibrated and pops up was a message from Princess003

Hello Dear, how are you doing?, I understand you lost your sim but it seems you no longer care anymore, if you really want me to stop I will, I just don’t understand you anymore. Take care of yourself and have a nice day.

This message change my beautiful story to a Sad ending for me, affection were lost between us. She stops messaging me and only replies to my friend.

It got to a part she asked ‘are we dating?. I was far from giving an answer unsure of whats going through my Sweet heart minds. I answered yes but it was late.

We are both matured now no longer Naive,

I have only one wish and will ask her when Life makes me look into her eyeballs someday just answer this Sincerely like 1st day.

Where did i go wrong My Princess?

I have lost her, a sweet friend, a Diva.

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