Women’s Love Language- Quality Time

Quality Time

Women often complain that their husbands have no time for them. When you start a conversation with the husband about the issue, he will begin to tell you that he spend most of his time at home. One may say “I used to leave home at 08:00 am and return home at 02:00pm. I spend the remaining hours with her”. Men should understand that when women complain that their husbands have no time for them, they don’t mean that you spend most of your time outside the house. There is a specific thing they want which you don’t give them.

Active listening

Some women are complaining that their husbands are not paying attention to them whenever they want to tell them something important. Some are complaining that their husbands are spending most their times with their computers instead of their wives and children. Such women describe their husbands as ones that are marrying their computers. In other words, they want to say that their computers are their other wives. Dear men, you must have time for your computers and/or your studies and allocate some specific hours for your wives.

Regular conversation

It is good for a husband to get a specific time to discuss some important issues with his wife. This is very important. But unfortunately, sometimes, the wives want to discuss something important that is of great concern and is much relevant to the family context but the husbands will be claiming that they are working, meaning they have no time. This attitude upset most women and as such, they begin to misbehave and consequently, the stability of their marital life begin to be disturbed.

Sharing fun moments

Some men a too serious at all times. Remember that, respect is one of the men’s love languages. For this reason, some men with exaggerated demand for respect find it abnormal or disrespectful when their women are initiating jokes before them. On the other hand, women married to such men are always frustrated by this attitude. This gives them the feeling that their husbands do not love them. Dear men with such attitude, it is very dangerous to your marriage and you must stop it. You have to be tolerating and remember that women are weak and fragile.

Shopping together

Women love it when their men invite them for a company when going to the mall for their shopping. This communicates love so much to them and it can make them more respectful to their men. It also gives them the chances to remind you of something important that you may forget if you are alone.

Recreational companionship

This is a very powerful tool for communicating love to your wife. Men should arrange some times, for example in the weekends, when they will have some recreational activities with their wives depending on the environment in which they live and according to their financial affordability. Also, you should arrange some trips to spend some nights together somewhere within or outside the country, but this should be on holidays.

Create some moments Today with your Beloved Wife

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