Crushes Don’t Fades

Feeling of crush don’t easily fade,because it isn’t something that can be faked, it a natural phenomenon of how our body interact with a person; this is a kind of chemistry where we desire, admire a Person maybe due to their personality, Physical attributes, it is a subconscious chemistry for someone. it might turn to love especially when both are not far from each other and don’t have any partner, Crushes are not limited, we may have it for a school mate, a Tutor, boss, employees, celebrities,friends and anyone from this part of the world.

Does it Ends

Crushes may never fade or people grow up

Some people still have an emotional closeness even after 14 years. I have one, They may have their private lives but they got enveloped in emotions when communicating or close. If you have a crush on someone, your brain will find it impossible to lie to that person, you will feel it too risky to lie to that person due to fear of falling into black list of the person.

We get crushes all the time, even aged people do. If the crush for someone lasts more than 4 months, it is considered as love according to Psychology.


Having a Crush on someone travel us to the world of fantasies, envisage romantic moments and sexual affirmation. Have you ever dreamt of being on top of your crush unclad and driving them like a piston in combustion a hot sex I will say, or giving them a good blow job? Am in doubtless mode your answer is yes with a smile. Some times we crush on the wrong person, not bad but at a different stage of life. Like for example a Crush on Married person.

This put us in a difficult position, we are desirous of them but got shot out immediately we thought of it. Either way you may label it, its against marital vows, Cheating on a spouse is a grave offence. Many marriages or relationship break as a results of infidelity.

Infidelity is heinous against a Union whether legal or not. Even in a game. So I have had stupendous crushes which are on married women, most of them are so good looking that I qualified them as hot and Sexy. Imagine someone having this perceptions towards your wife or husband.

When two people who love each other look into each other’s eyes, then their heart rates synchronize with each other. Studies have shown that couples who are in love are so bonded that after three minutes of looking into each other’s eyes, their heart rates will synch up with each other.

One of the sweetest thing about crush is that, you are living in your own world, no obligations just a feeling; although there are instance we are plummet to reach that’s person, to notice us and know how we feel about them.

Don’t you hate it when you are around someone you think is gorgeous and you get all nervous, shy and things don’t work out how you planned!! Everyone hates it.

‘Crush never fades, just that our Sub consciousness only became inactive or we became psychologically unaware and choose to ignore the feeling; but it ain’t easy, each moment we see this special someone old feelings will spikes again’.

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