A Letter to the Future

Dear Sun, Moon, Stars, I Salute!

As you unfold daylight into darkness

I have hoped that your saying to the earth

Will cast brightness on our lives

Ooh! Future

Revolution now shows you are close

Ooh! Bring to us a life enhancing companion

‘Settle the Plants with abundant nurture’

‘Pay every hands according to their deeds’

‘Nature has build a good rapport within us’

As your late brother (the past) fades into the dark

The moments you both shook hands (the present and future)

But remember one day you’ll be gone!

Like your two late brothers

So as you come I make my last wish

‘Every girl shall gaze at boys owlishly with adoration’

‘Boys shall remedy every lovesick hearts of Thiers’

‘Women shall be submissive to every of their vows’

‘Men Shall be of strong shield to human Race’

‘The whole wide world shall live as one entity,

like the ants Kingdom

‘May our creator continues to guide your way’

As our descendants awaits your second arrival

Which lies beyond the twentieth century imaginations, adieu!!!

© Noah Jamilu

Photo Credit Ariel photo, Etiophian Airline