Sex in first Month of a Relationship

Sometimes sex urge is so powerful that you all begin to doubts all the right ways..
This days if you don’t have sex with your partner, it will hunt us after the relationship is over and, some ladies do boast about this that the dumped the guy it so painful.

Are you both Ready for Sex or a Virgin?

first you just have to make a decision about yourself, are you ready for sex?, if you both are not or unsure, you two should try not to make the sex thing a major priority of the relationship,

there are other sexual pleasures but Sex is the most outstanding But if you both are on a mutual page about the sex thing, Then it cool as long as she is ready.

The relationship is still in its baby steps if you want something real then you should hold on a bit.. Because attraction can be confused as love.

Sex Consent is key’

Relationship is about give and take, its is bound to remorse once it’s over, virginity or sex may not be important to some, while some it is different.
The giver is more vulnerable to regrets so as the receiver.

Loosing something is never a gain

I once lost a relationship like sex but I feel at lost because I invested in the relationship with all of me. It took me three years to get over the break up, not willing to date anymore. Sex is a very grave things, its connects to peoples souls together

Don’t confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship,attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken because

Love is a mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy and the idealization of one’s partner.


Sex is a Physical intimacy which creates a strong physical attraction, But for the emotional connection (Love) and getting to know each other, you need more than Sex.

Sex Fact

According to Psychology Having sex at least once per week can lower a man’s risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50%, and diabetes by 40%. People who have sex about three times a week are perceived to look four to seven years younger. More

Women and Sex, love and Sex

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