How to get your Spouse or Lover Love you Wholeheartedly

  • Greet your Spouse or Lover warmly each time you interact. Make them feel special every day 💞
  • “Ask” your Lover out on a date this week. Send an invitation by text 📱, email 📧, or handwritten card✍️.
  • Your relationship is blessed with differences. Celebrate don’t criticize him or her💞
  • Two people can’t “make their point” at the same time. Love your spouse or Lover by listening 👂💞
  • Couples that dream together, stay together. Start a ‘Dream Book’ 📖 or ‘Bucket List’ with your Spouse today 💞

True love or not. Love is expensive but the feeling is inexpensive, its feeling is free . it also depend on the person you are dealing with.

In every relationship, sex is important but relationship is not about sex alone.

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