A Woman

A Man is a Giant but with his woman believing and supporting him he supersedes that, they say ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman behind him’, it may be a sister, lover, friend or even Mothers.

Women are the humorous being in the Kingdom due to their reflexive motherly nature. One of the best feeling a man will enjoy in this world is the love of a woman. A woman connect with him emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Psychologically. A woman will listen to her man to ensure he is emotionally balanced and catered for and make him feel heaven even when in hell.

Don’t underestimate the Love of a Woman for her Man, they act like cats, Women are more likely to say,”I m sorry” because they are more likely to think they have done something wrong. The harbour emotions and trust like an egg, If your woman engage her eyes with yours like this or somehow, she is Psychologically aware of you.

Women takes longer time to make decision than men do but once they make a decision they are more likely to stick to it, and that’s why they are more emotional.

A Man needs a Woman by his side in time of success and false down. They are greatest company you can ever get as a man, so treat your Woman Right and be a Role Model she can’t find in anyone but you.