Dating an employee

Falling in love with an Employee is a sweet thing to experience but also a weird one full of compromise. You will be put into a dilemma all the time. A situation will come you will wish you aren’t in that boat.

This kind of relationship or affair usually happens emotional or physically read with a colleague of same hierarchy, a major or a minor. Most establishment kick against intimate relationship or affair among it staffs to uphold, sincerity, be diligent in the course of discharging their duties, but who doesn’t need love and affection?, everyone does.

Someone would catch our attention and we become enveloped and attracted to this person, the way the dress, talk personal life and so on. Sometimes we fidget around this person, spend more time with them than normal. We tried to be notice once we are close. We get crush or crush anywhere.

Since we can’t mix our personal life with work, its becomes difficult and weird approaching this person, we may have an affair outside our working environment but with a colleague isn’t cool to the management due to fear of compromise. Although some colleagues end up leaving a job for another even get to marry.

In my own case here, it was love at first sight, first day, I saw her I was lost in her, she is an intern in our marketing department, they were 5 but I only have eyes for her. I was the Admin secretary so am their boss and they report to me directly.

During the day time I do find excuses to visit her in the field. I requested for all their phone numbers for communications whenever there find difficulty or things got beyond them. I asked her out on a date through chat and she agreed 2 days later. We started closing late and going home together. My judgements at their works was partial; I scold them equally but a part of me still couldn’t hold the preferential treatments maybe everyone had the impression but I will admit I did treat her specially, why? Because I was intimate with her.

I did cover up her flaws to a point it almost cost loosing my own job. We had romance in the office and Due to our affection we both help each other with hectic jobs.

Some of the things I wasn’t comfortable with is when my superior came hard on them in not discharging their duties efficiently, I feel down, helpless like a dagger in my heart.

Dating a Colleague is fun but difficult to handle no matter how you try to separate work from it; but Love is special and Preserve all Obstacles

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