EX with Benefits

Hi Guys, remember.. (EX With Benefits)?
Here are the Heat lines

Sometimes in our lives, we’ve been hit by this sickness, a major mental health Crisis, causing insanity, madness,recklessness and stupidity.

I invented a scientific name for this “Interpersonal Imprinting Affective Disorder” or simply put falling in love and unless cupid took chemistry’ no this wasn’t his idea because this crazy little thing called love, it all Chemical.

First- the girl releases pheromones that make men weak, and then men releases testosterone that drives women wild(this is the desire stage).

When your heart beats faster than usual, when your bodies are close together?- that’s your brain releasing norepinephrine. Now this is the attraction stage and then of course we release oxytocin and vasopressin which I like to call the cuddle chemical, and the monogamy molecule.

These hormones gives us a sense of stability, and security so we keep coming back to a certain person until eventually you’re already exclusive.

There is attachment stage where all your illusions of love finally come true. But most people this illusion stays an illusion, because no matter what they do even if the teach Cupid chemistry, sometimes you really can’t fight destiny. If its not for you, its not for you. Read Divorce,Attraction

Love and Intimacy, Credits:Movie Ex with Benefits

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