Why Dating is Hard

Dating is to have a romantic relationship with somebody, they are really important..Its a medium to know someone more.


During my teenage days, I go into relationships but lack confidence in the relationship, because of some certain critical decision I can’t make on my own..this will affect the relationship with my partner.. Then I feel I can’t handle a relationship because some decision and prospects are beyond me…sometimes I believe maturity plays a part in relationship aspect of this part of our world.


When you are in relationship your money kinds of drains out, sometimes you may even feel like broke because maybe you are because when you are in a relationship you’ve got to take care of your partner too.

It simple logic, if you can’t even take care of your needs how are you going to take care of someone else.


Many People tends to hide their motives, before getting what the want at an instance, they tend to change like a chameleon.. You will give someone your all to make things flow and build up but with their hidden agenda they play along to get the benefit out of you.

No wonder many people are single for a long period of time, there is also fear of loving wholeheartedly and later see yourself in the trash can. Experiences we had in our previous relationship always plays and determine who we are gonna be and act in future relationships.

I am someone that Treasure Trust so much…Once you have compromise my Trust in you..it will take years or you never get it back again..
How can someone love a little?

A close Friend and I Argued about this Vehemently

‘Well personally I don’t see my past to define me, I can’t destroy my self or chances of having a better and great future partner simply because of a few past horrible bumps called exes or bad experience,

its hard but if you really don’t wanna be alone forever, you wanna have someone to call your own, you just have to brace up and try again. I remember a parable that says

‘if one keeps checking the ground against stones and get hurt simply because it has happened before,one may miss golden opportunity that would have starred you in the face’.

When one is with the right partner, wonderland experience would be nothing compared. Our problem is that we get hooked with the wrong people and expect magic to happen. It doesn’t work that way, but Some don’t dates with their heart, funny huh.


Some people claims they don’t have time in their schedules to date, but if you really want something you will definitely make time for it no matter how busy or engaged you are.

There are Diverse reason Dating is hard for people, Some Dates fails maybe because everyone is in different stage of their lives.

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