Is it Good to Go on a Break in a Relationship?


In some part of the world a break doesn’t solves anything but rather intensify Split or separation. The word a break may equally sounds like ending a relationship due to it Unpredictable effects but here is a question

Why not let the person truly understand why?

but some feels it only gives the impression that you want out.

Some people will use this medium to punish their partner…REJECTION, DENIAL etcetera.

The Tendency of Emotions to change otherwise during and after a Break in a relationship is very high, positively or negatively

A break is like a wound….it takes time to close up Some break ups happen naturally.


Ex is a word but the person never change physically and humorously Some exes became ex on good grounds, for example, the ones that broke up because their blood group doesn’t match
They are not bad but they need to break even though they tends to look even cool

Some Exes still remain friends and play naughty sometimes, we have many friends who are like that

But there is something i always advice if you know you want to ex someone on good grounds and you love each other, its better to cut off every ties wit that person for some months or years, though not easy but it pays because before you know it, you discover your running down the lane once again

This is also one of the reason why some get back together. They are scared of burying the hatchet there is need to end it well with a mindset;Or elsewhere we still want to be back in bondage.

Back Bone of a Relationship

We have been hearing about Failed and Successful relationships, But the backbone is respect Then you talk of love and trust; it is been honest and faithful.
A lady or Guy may love you but without respect the love and trust will depreciates, then it’s comes to its final destination which is Breakup -leading to heart break. Its good you consider respect, haven’t you witnessed a relationship or family where it collapsed due to ‘lack of respect‘?.

So Dudes and Babes, Ladies and Gentlemen before you think of loving first have respect in your heart followed by good character and this Butterfinger of yours will love you immeasurably.

Importantly, you may develop love but it’s good you’re comfortable with yourself and heart. Your heart may click with anyone so always be at alert.


A break from relationship may lead to heartbreak.

Not everything that goes wrong in a relationship is due to lack of love or trust; Not forgetting there are 2 people in a relationship… And each of them has wants, desire and needs..
A time will come romantic love will turn to conjugal love…our parents are examples.

Some partners take a break to iron out some matters affecting their lives or relationship.

Love is Kind.

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