Forgiveness after Cheating

Hmm very Difficult to Answer.. Cheating is a deep cut. It will take time to Balance or may never regain it love rhythm. I have witnessed the beginnings of relationship,one partner cheats and it never remain the same even after breaks up and make ups.

I believe it will not be the same;It will either be better or worse. I have seen a situation where the relationship became better and more of love. Although so many things contributed, I think 70% of relationships will not recover after a partner cheats.

People may truly be in love but still cheats. Its normal for people to feel that sense of unfaithfulness but..Cheating is a decision. Some husbands love their wife but still cheat why some don’t and vice versa..cheating is a decision.. So the blame is two way. you may choose to know why couples and lovers cheated .


Forgiveness isn’t easy It depends on the gravity and remorsefulness. Everyone deserves to be forgiven, but second chance is expensive.

I can relate to a situation where a Man Cheats on his spouse and leads to pregnancy. Here prompt decisions you make will have Effects; disrupting mentally, emotionally, physically even loss of a blissful relationship. No body wants to share her man or his Lady but there is no justification for cheating.

We have to be decisively calm as it is, there are other factors involved in such relationship which you must not overlook.

First ask yourself what is the end game of this relationship?. ask questions to perceive his or her intention towards you for his or her actions, then you can take action.

Sometimes playing an awaiting game is helpful

But it depends on the gravity, factors to be considered apart from love. Ask what went wrong at instance. though there is no big deal in accepting your boyfriend or girl friend back. Love is forgiving after all but you should be prepared this time to avoid a repeat of the Past. Read more

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