The Best March 1st Ever

Waking up this morning, I feel the world is peaceful, the previous night was hell of mosquitoes, a mysterious one. Over the night, the electricity power were down. The raining season has it early foot into the new year. The wall of my apartment wear so cold. I really had a peaceful night, it seems the 3rd month has come with success than the last one.

Hope of Securing a Job, proficiency in my Discipline and More height in my blogging. I am neither a Creditor or a Debtor; no grudges against anyone, not a single foe on earth that’s a Joy of this year. All my projections are actually moving with the pace of time, the journey seems far but The old slogan Slow and steady of a passage in my elementary days keeps me Optimistic.

Its also a count down to this fan club I belong, a hope of clinching it first ever League Trophy since the league new era, its a 19 years deadlock for the club. For the past seasons they almost won it but nearly can not kill a bird they say. Consistency, Tactics Plays a part.

This day I feel and have positive imaginations, a close friend of mine sent me a warm new month message: saying

“Happy new month
May you march forward in every area of your life by Gods Grace”

I believe this month is gonna be productive for me,friends,my readers and every living being on Earth. The early arrival of the Rain means a lots to the Farmers, a prompt call for cultivation. Last month was my Birth month and it was fair, so I hoped this Month of March came with betterment of our lives.

I always read this aloud whenever I’m middle or plan for something:

May Hay while the Sun Rise

If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work…Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities…

Happy New Month!


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