Love of a Fan

Your Elegance degrades my world

You are so enchanting

Oh your Scent is lovable

I can worship, offer foot fetish

I ask my Creator

Why are you such of Beauty

I fidget every time I watch you

Do I ever exist in your thoughts

Your Eyes are so Alien

Your Presence Freezes My Blood

Your look melts my heart

Am in Ecstasy

My feelings exist in Embryo

You May never Hear of It

I feel Lovelorn

far from Romeo Land

Queen of Hearts

Am in love with you

Am not scared of your response

But we are a Million sea’s apart

No matter Golden your skin is

You must crave for Touch

Maybe Mine will be better

Why do I see you like a goddess?

I hate this feeling

Being your follower is enough for me

But I want more.

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