Ecstasy -A Romantic Scene In my dreams

For the 1st time she appeared in my dream, we were 3 on a bench An Architecture student, and 2 Surveyors. we chatted and hungry, she wanted snacks, so we all go out of the hall together.

when we went she asked who care?, we answered We, buying the snacks she came towards me and I could feel it a bit time to create some ecstasy, so I wink at her then she starred at me surprised. She has never seen me wink at her before, so she was amaze. I make the gaze a lovely one.

Then she came towards us with the snacks and it is much held it to her boobs. I became clumsy and one fell..It was my fault and no one is gonna pick it up moreover eat it. So I picked it up dusted it, and had a bite, I offer her to bite too. She did but one thing surprised me she had some in her mouth already. She opened her lips slowly and Tilt; I was never this close to her before, then we went down to the field and some friends had some snack.

While heading to first Control Point, She held me towards an adjacent point, I can feel her curves giving my body a shape, her Sacred body is so attached to mine. Woo! I can envisioned this a hundred times My Crush. Few minutes a younger girl walked towards us with a piece of paper. She had asked Babe to help with a Survey Computations (Bearing and Distance). Read Attraction

I am Good in Surveying but a novice in Intimate Relationship; I quickly gave her solutions and how to fix the angular error and distance and also apply correction. this moment Babe noticed my Trousers were sagging, I became astonished when she adjust it to my waist gentle.. This meant a lot to me aside being about to be embarrassed, the feeling that she cared about it that moment was so affectionate. I was indeed a Swain
She is so electrifying.

As She walked away She smiled with a Long Gaze, I have never seen such Eyes and Emotional Display Before.

Waking up Early this morning I am convinced She is interested in Me and feel the same way I feel about her.

Is it my Sub Conscious at work or she had thought about me over the night?

Please I need your answers.

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