10 Love Quotes of the Day

*People aren’t afraid of saying ‘I love you’. They’re afraid of hearing the response.

*Sometimes its very hard to say I love you to someone because you are so afraid of losing him/her.

*A girl never express her liking for a boy Thinking boy should express first
*A boy never express, with a fear of losing her as a friend
That’s why love stories end before it starts….!!!! ♥

*A woman will always forgive & forget.. But she’ll never let u forget that she had forgiven & forgotten.. 😛

*Love starts from eyes, grows with gifts, ends with tears…but today’s love starts from mobile, grows with balance, ends with number changing…

*Once in a lifetime someone breaks your heart, and if you still feel to hold that person with every broken piece, that amazing pain is called “TRUE LOVE!” =)

*Flowers are very soft, do not touch with hard hands…Similarly feelings are like soft flowers, do not touch them with harsh words…

*Kissing is like drinking salted water..You drink, and your thirst increases

*Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!!!

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