A Day Of Beauty The Girl in Red

Standing with my Friends, I saw a slender babe starring and waving at me, beside her was a heavy beard guy. I feel they are lovebirds, but she waved again.

As I was laughing about to bade my friends bye, I can see her walking toward my bearing, in seconds she was with us, I was still talking with dudes and her gaze was just super, I got distracted my mouth were saying a different thing out of context, indeed women do make us to shiver. A Guy with Pride and Confident, I feel the lady wanted to talk to me but no dice for her. When someone keep starring at you continuously you cornea does send signals to you brain that you are a point of attraction. So I switch to her and ask this question.

Hello Please Are we familiar?

my friends interrupted,

She is a Freshman in our Faculty

Ohh I see, am really sorry for my short mind. I didn’t notice quick.

So how are you and the field trip, hope you enjoyed it?

Did you say enjoyed?, it was hectic…

OK, I am in my 5th year in the same faculty.. Nice meeting you..

While my friends were already gone far; her course mate came to meet her too I quickly notice her rays of curves..and said to me


Hello, How are you


Am in the same Faculty too.

She was as good looking as her friend, I said bye and walked away. I later remembered I didn’t pick her name, phone number guess i was dumb and not a Player yet.

Moving towards the gate is students regular Eat out by left, I spot a crush of mine sipping her pet coke and another with a Donut’s. Its impossible to move without delivering a word. I have admired her since my freshman, but never get the guts to tell her. she is too nice to have her a foe we do converse a lots, an intimate tone offline and online. I have never seen such eyes before, glad I man enough to tell her. Something about women is that they are highly sensitive to emotions than men,yeah we are both wired differently.

They both offered the snacks,

Thanks, my appetite will get wild, when I got home I have a full meal’.

We bade bye and I walked out of the gate..and headed home. It wasn’t a perfect day..

I met a charming lady interested in me and I was short of moments.. Next time I am getting her digits.love

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