Making Love

Intimacy encompasses feelings of attachment, closeness, connectedness, and bonded ness. Passion encompasses drives connected to both limerance and sexual attraction during love or any relationships.

Making Love

Intimacy is a huge part of a successful relationship. Try go online,read books and try to bring a little excitement into your relationship. Do not be afraid to experiment and learn new and exciting ways to please each other. Keeping intimacy alive is healthy and not a bad thing whatsoever!. There is some thing we should know ‘not everyone knows how to make love‘ some persons are either Extroverts or Introverts in simple Extroverts are Confident, adventurous and aren’t timid by public, while Introverts are Shy, less Confident and cool head. There was a humble bit of interaction with some friends and group members when I ask the question

Who do more better in relationship?’

A Friend answered

Girls are attracted much towards Extrovert types of guys”.

A Member said; “Hey I’m an introvert, under the right circumstances we’re better than extroverts in relationships and otherwise”

Another replied.

Yes a bit of point there, but ladies like confident men more, someone that can be man of the moment.. Be on top of everything

“Lol and who said introverts are not confident??? In fact talking about on top of everything, introverts make better leaders, and can take charge more effectively”.

Going by these two none out weigh the other, we are both wired and different in the same way.

Are you an Extroverts or an Introverts?read

So back to making Love, Lovers should note this even for some couples they may find it a bit odd when mating for the first time, they wouldn’t want to hurt or give an impression they can satisfied their partner. some partner are more experienced than the other see Virgin. You have to create a bit of attraction and totally depends on mood and place, though there are tricks to rise ones mood for sexual pleasure.

Privacy is a key thing in making love, although not Necessary, but when I mean privacy I mean having your own apartment or room,exclusively to you. Where your boyfriend or girlfriend would visits you and you both will feel free to open up yourself with no pressure or fear of friends/parents or guardian busting into you both. Ladies loves privacy, Men can get intimate anywhere and have sex but ladies would love more of exclusive space. Where they can feel free with their body and Takes their lover to the wildest dream. I will share some of my encounters in my subsequent post. While I was with my parents, I live in a room I and my brother, My mom is always around the house and had a store demarcated by a fence, so she is always at alert of my activity.

That faithfully day My Girlfriend gave me a call that she wants to pay a Visits towards evening.

I was kind of in a panic-attack mode because it was her first time coming to my home, will my Parents approve of her?, and I Ponder a lots that day due to how my personality, and style had reflected in public, she might already perceive my personality to (be matured, Confident, Self sufficient and rich) but We are neither too rich or too poor.

I dressed my bed, spray air freshener for a pleasant environment. When She came I offer her a drink, we drank and discussed, politics,school and work. For some moments She complain of headache from the plastic chair She jump onto the bed.

I was amazed; it was her first hour in my house and here on my bed something was mickey. We were all alone! I concurred with my instinct, she want me on the bed. She laid her head on the pillow and I lie on side facing her. I look into her eyes she smiled, I put my hand on her ponytail hair and brushed it down gentle, she was still, we had a short moment of talk.

Hey do you find other girls attractive?’

‘Not really’


‘Because None of the Girls interest me’

I lied about this not to small The Mood.

I moved closer to her and start a warm caress from her shoulder down to her waist and oh my God!. I had reacher her ass, it felt like a sofa. She has huge hips. I move closer and pull her too, then I reached for her lips. Our eyes glue,Dilated and She was already turn on. We lock lips together as I reach for the boobs. I squeeze them like tomatoes after unbuttoning her Top and away the bra. She began having higher respiration her Nipples were becoming hard, I squeeze them hard and hard even more as she moan (Painful Pleasure)and I too, my cock began getting erect, increase in blood pressure and respiration. We were Already Stimulated for Sex. She removed my V-neck Shirt and her hands clamp my bareback, and pull me down. I became her Baby, her nipples where in my mouth as I press them hard, later I reached for her, G-spot unbelt her jean and drive my finger into her. She was wet.

We both wanted The ecstasy to last long, I rolled down and move her to be on top of me. yeah! desire her boobs to rub my hairy chest. In a jiffy I was on top of her again, I guess she wanted me to be in control. I gently went into her; it was like paradise She moan more and I groan harder until we Climax. That day was indeed a lucky one for me 15 minutes after My Mom knocked and bust into us. But game was already over!.

So what am I implying?; perfect environment, mood, and time will a bit have an influence on you making Love(Sex), except you lived as couple or as lovers, just like in a party, mood and emotions are High easily turned up.

We are at different stage in our lives so as our Love life, so Everything has it own Pace and Time. Create some space for love making.