In a Dilemma

I have been favoured two lovers to feed on during my final days at High school, it was the most regretful moments for me, I wish I never met them because I don’t want to sail under false colours. As a gentle guy I do stick with principles,loyal and sincere to my fellow human no matter the Social Stratification or class.

It was unfortunate for not having two hearts for love, both of them were too good to pick and the reason for one still stands. I was attracted to both of them. The superfluous look poured at my spirit, invade me into law all applies to the diffident smiles; propitious moment,mutual understanding, the glow that enveloped us and how their splendid face was endless in motion.

I handle the First love it was a dramatic experience which I can still envision, I had thought all would be a happy ever after,due to we were getting along famously. My Desires were so high and anticipated much Romance. I only got to Kiss her once in front of my best friend and her friend. They both planned the scene; along a walk way to the Laboratory. Her lips we’re small and soft. First time for something is always weird she closed her eyes but I wanted to see how the kissing goes so my eyes were opened; it lasted for like 10-12 seconds. That moment I experience a quick reaction in my body, from the sit of my heart to every part of my body. I didn’t feel it deep but went home that day feeling glad I had my first kiss.

The Second Love was also fantastic and great; the manky thing was She plays card close to her chest, she is so busty,hot and Sexy, she do winks and eye contact me a lot while in class. This elevated my spirits, ‘why would a hot girl gaze at me like that without respite’? ‘am I that attractive’?. This rings my bell continuously, so I had to make a move to come close to her. I would schemed my way to sit beside her. We eventually acknowledged ourselves we had more moments of romance in school and lessons, hug and kisses were unlimited.

Now I have an old flicker of desire for them until its existence in embryo begins fades away, I know something was a fly in the ointments. Presently I am going to bury the hatchet.

Women and Sex, love and Sex

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