Our Desires

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Man is absolutely vulnerable to the vulgarity of every voluptuous body(Woman) which he sights, wearing a voluminous ornamentals also nail it.

Women and Girls makes men to be vulnerable of their jokes, lies in fact their arrogance and Elegance geared us to be voluminous to their beauty, lifestyle and high taste of good living.

Men and Boys possess similar quality though their equality aspect of determination varies respectively, some for self-centered reasons while some throw a fair die. They would sweat their access to balance and satisfy their wants and desire; some do this in the way of being sentimental, to buy a heart while others to boast or blow their own Trumpet.

I follow a principle which states ‘Play an awaiting game‘, its means waiting to see how a situation develops before you plan or decide to act.

‘Our Desires are diverse differently according to our Personality’.

Like a Teenager growing up The both Sexes have many wild desires, infatuations of each other due to the adolescence stage(Development of Secondary sexual Characteristics) At this stage they don’t or know less differences between love and lust, All in Their mind is to fill in.

I remember I myself envisaged about the girls in my school during my teenage days, how hot they are on the school uniforms that reveals their 8 Shape and bust size, even my female Teachers too on mini skirts and high heels; rared reveal Parts I wanted to Go wild all in a closed door, if I ever get the chance. I kept dreaming about all this desires till I was able to Control it after Adolescence Thanks to my Parent. Although A Man will always be a Man, I still have such Lustfulness for the opposite sex, sometimes I go extra miles. (Online dates and blind dates even watching adult Movies) but I was ready to handle all responsibility and Consequences.

Sometimes our Desires are Temporarily, we only go extra miles to fill the urge, for example a Lady in a night club is swept off her feet by a cute looking charming Guy or vice versa, the environment may tends to induce her desires more. First The Lady release pheromones that make men to be weak and then we release testosterone that drives women wild!. This is the desire stage, at this point everything is geared up and triggered, just like the law of electrostatics, ‘Like Charges ‘Repel’ Unlike Charges ‘Attract‘. Boom!.

The Lady is excited if she catch his attention and they may finally get it laid, but depends on the level of compromise; celibacy, Sexual Orientation, Engaged,Married,in a serious relationship,single or even more but come to think of it, Do married Person go to night clubs, if so why?. After this encounter they maybe or not an intention of a day 2. Life goes on.

Lastly remember ‘Our Desires are diverse differently according to our Personality’. Once you have a Desires for example Sex you may have to think it through the smooth and rough Sides, effects and impact it will have on you negatively or Positively that is if you aren’t a couple. We are Responsible for our own actions(deeds) and Discretions.

Bye,Stay Cool! Read love

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